Day 4

Day 4

Zacumowaliśmy w Mechelinkach. Rajd Płyniemy Polsko wspiera Gmina Kosakowo. To stąd o godzinie 0900, 1 maja nastąpi start do czwartego etapu morskiego do Darłowa. 
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Latched in mechelinki. Rally Płyniemy Polsko Supports Gmina Kosakowo. It's from here at 0900 pm, 1 may will be start to the fourth maritime stage to darłowa.

Wbrew temu co widać warunki meteo będą dziś trudne. Za chwilę start do czwartego etapu Płyniemy Polsko.

Contrary to what you can see the weather conditions will be difficult today Start to the fourth stage of Płyniemy Polsko.
We left the beach and we are heading out to the Baltic sea, to challenge the wild.
The rally group is off to a good start as the round the peninsula after leaving Gdynia, they are in the Baltic Sea. 

The first Płyniemy Polsko racer to make it around the point is:

1. Roman Wach
2. Przemek Taurus team
3. Tomasz Kasprzak
4. Dariusz Gryt
5. Robert Dorosh
6. Nye Sawicki
7. Adrian Pelczarski
8. Sławomir Rozwadowski
9. Grzegorz Zykubek
10. Mariusz Malgrab
Suport staff are vital, teams need to refuel, they may have a mechanical issue. They may need to recover their rally boat and place it on a trailer. Its remarkable the two divides, both are arduous and a struggle, but the adventure is the reward.

This is interesting: 
Tomasz Kasprzak is still in the lead, but look who is challenging for first place! Roman Wach is getting closer in 2nd place. Holding firm in third position is Dariusz Gryt.

4. Przemek Taurus Team
5. Mariusz Malgrab
6. Damian Malgrab
7. Robert Dorosz
8. Sławomir Rozwadowski
9. Grzegorz Zykubek
10. Arek Małolepszy
11. Sylwester Sawicki
12. Anna Jachimek

Przygotowujemy się do kolejnego etapu z Darłowa do Szczecina.  Rufueling takes time, and needs to be done right. The personal watercraft and Rescue Water Craft are being placed under a lot of stress. Riders are experiencing the face of the weather and fatigue.

Dariusz Gryt is still maintaining the lead with an incredible pace, the next fuel stop could get interesting! Who is going to pit and who is going to carry on with the race?

2. Roman Wach
3. Tomasz Kasprzak
4. Robert Dorosz
5. Przemek Taurus Team
6. Sylwester Sawicki
7. Mariusz Malgrab
8. Damian Malgrab
9. Adrian Pelczarski (just slowed down)
10. Grzegorz Zykubek
11. Sławomir Rozwadowski
12. Łukasz Kałuża (is on the shore stopped)
13. Anna Jachimek (is with Lukasz)
14. Karolina Gogolewska
15. Arek Małolepszy
16. Robert Danel
17. Michaela Karpisz
18. Adam Spieglanin

Thank you to everyone who is helping the K38 Water Safety team and to all the support and friends we are having join us along the route!

We would like to say hello to our K38 Water Safety Staff waiting on the breakwall for our K38 water patrol to show up on the Rescue Water Craft. They are currently following the last race boat at a nice easy pace.

Thank you for everything you are doing ! 
One team one fight!

Our K38 water patrol is on the beach with Adrian Pelczarski trying to see what needs to be done. This is a pretty remote area. Last year we had a boat gone down in this same area, it was not easy to go to. Lukasz has moved forward, and hopefully Adrian can get his boat started again. If not, a plan will be put into motion. It's a challenge today!

Płyniemy Polsko Connected Boat

The Finish:  

Tomasz Kasprzak has made it to Darlowko!
2. Dariusz Gryt
3. Roman Wach

Płyniemy Polsko Connected Boat