Day 3

2019 Płyniemy Polsko – Stage 3

Day three of the Płyniemy Polsko sees us launching at 9:30am at Włocławek.

Our trip will take us north on the Wilsa River.  We headed to our destination Gdynia-Mechelinki.

Trzeci dzień dziś pierwsze kilometry morza etap Włocławek -Gdynia /Mechelinki Start 9.30

This is what the Płyniemy Polsko is all about!

Stage 3 ends. We are tired. The mood has now changed. We are exerpiencing fatigue. We've been riding hard in the cold and the weather. Stage 3 was a safe route, everyeone was safe today and now we face fatigue and setting a pace that bot the operators and the water craft can endure.

Our K38 staff carries emergency gear onboard.  The challenges of the Płyniemy Polsko are real.

Tomasz Kasprzak took the lead early at the start. Followed by Roman Wach in second

Łukasz Kałuża is third. Karolina Gogolewska is fourth. Dariusz Gryt is fifth.

Connected Boat continues to give us the daily updates and tracking live.  Its great to be able to watch where our riders are for safety.

Nasza ekipa zameldowała się już w Gdynia. To znaczy, że trasa jest już czysta.. Our K38 team has already checked in at Gdynia. That means the route is clean. 

Today was a very fast run, with challenges on the river, keeping a lookout for hazards and protecting our water jet pumps.

Earlier in the day we had a fuel check in, thankfully our chase vehicle with our K38 support staff always arrives ahead of us and is prepared.

Today Tomasz Kasprzak was in the lead and after a few stops maintained quite a distance on the other competitors, here he stopped at our refueling stage. Refueling but soon everyone was back on their way. Tomasz Kasprzak is still in a substantial lead! Dariusz Gryt is in second. A lot of time can be gained or lost in the re-fueling stages.

Everyone gets their watercraft on plane and we start to see the difference in boats and operators.  The speeds and navigation along with fatigue are continuing factors that everyone has to deal with. Our biggest concern is to have a mechanical failure along the route.

This refueling stop was a benchmark for a mid point of the race.  

Our start in the morning found us once again at the Wisla river, ready to push north to our target of Gydnia, a favorite place of ours!