Day 2


Stage 2 is complete!  What a day!  There were a lot of vessel problems today.

Our K38 Poland staff is essentially the secret of our safety and success! They travel with us to ensure we have everything we need at each stop.

Złapani na trasie rajdu Płyniemy Polsko. 
To nasza tajemnicza ekipa techniczno - fotograficzna. Wielkie dzięki za poświęcony czas. Bez Was nie popłynęlibyśmy zbyt daleko.

Preparations this morning were to ensure all our safety equipment and gear was secure on the Yamaha WaveRunner-Rescue Water Craft. This is a long day and we are responsible to manage the safety for all the race boats in the rally.  This is a tough job to do with the distances and logistics we all have to cover. But we love it!

Śluzowanie. To już prawie meta drugiego etapu Płyniemy Polsko.  Chwila przed startem do drugiego etapu Płyniemy Polsko z Warszawy do Płocka.

During Stage 2 we had to navigate through the Wisla River, and a series of locks to change the elevation as we continued on the rally.  You can see how deep the lock can get, its quite an experience.  Made for larger vessels we can get alot of Personal Water Craft in here all at once!

Meet the people behind the Rally. These are great teams who all have tremendous support. There have been a lot of mechanical issues, mainly due to the color or turbidity of the water, its hard to see any type of debris and reading the river is a skill.  We are traveling at very fast speeds, things change fast underway.  Congratulations to the stage winners today!

Check out all the sponsors and supporters for 2019!  We appreciate you.

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